Due to budget and an ample supply of creativity, my wedding to my husband was largely DIY. The internet seems to like that, so here’s a brief roundup of some of my favorite DIY elements. There are a ton more photos as well as links to the vendors we did use and the photos and products that inspired us on this Pinterest board.

I made bridesmaids’ boxes as gifts for my friends and cousins when I asked them to be in the wedding. They were all the same, but the flower girl got something special.

Bridesmaid's Box Flower Girl

My mom, aka Wonder Woman, made ALL of the stationary for the wedding by hand after we designed it together.  I got the fun job of hand addressing everything you see in white. 
Invitation Invitation Details

On the day of the wedding, we saved a huge cost by doing all of our own hair and makeup. I’d say it all turned out beautifully, but again, I have an abundance of talented people in my life.


The minke stole that I wore in some of our outdoor photos was a gift. Wow, right? Added a ton of flair for no cost.


It was raining on our wedding day, but I had my trusty book-quote umbrella from Barnes and Noble in the car, which looked great in shots like this.


P.S.  – I made my veil out of a few yards of tulle and a plastic hair comb for $5. Here’s a shot of it from the back.


I also hand wrote all of these seating cards, which guests picked up off of the pin board when the entered the reception. We propped it up on a black artists’ easel from home.


The seating cards weren’t handwritten, but we designed them to match the stationary. Guests had two options of entrees when they sent in RSVPs, and we printed it onto the seating cards on the off chance someone might forget what they chose.


See that pretty teacup? One lucky guest took that home! We wanted to do something really special and unique for favors, so we spent the months before the wedding scouring antique and thrift shops for pretty tea cups and mugs that were in good shape. We washed them all up and whala! Guests choose a cup from a table when they entered the reception.



Why tea cups and mugs? It was a January wedding! We couldn’t do without a hot drink bar. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate were available with all the trimmings. These baskets and jars were all gathered from around my parents’ house.


One of my aunts was a big help in making some banquet-table sized table cloths for the event out of fabric found at Goodwill. We used these homemade cloths on the head table and all the other tables around the perimeter, but we rented the guest table cloths for the sake of uniformity. The table numbers were made by my mother (Wonder Woman) with a Cricut machine and some simple wooden frames from Michaels which we spray painted gold. She also adorned the jars that the centerpiece flowers are in with burlap and a variety of lace ribbons. The centerpieces were given away at the end of the night to family members and helpers. Each table had matching china plates that were different from the tables around them – and all of that china came from my grandmother’s house.


Wonder Woman, as you know her by now, also made our small wedding cake. We wanted just a small cake to cut at the reception, but for guests we had cupcakes in a variety of colors and flavors. My mom not only made the cupcakes, but also the little lace-paper wrappers.


Old books were part of the centerpieces, as well. My aunt picked them up for free from an awesome shop, and made lace slip covered for some of the not-so-pretty ones.


We put together a photo booth in the back corner of the reception hall for guests to entertain themselves. The giant Scrabble tiles were just for fun – we weren’t sure what people would do with them!



P.S. – That cool old trunk came from our house, too, and so did all the lace doilies and such.

Some things we did not do ourselves: photography, dresses, flowers, and dinner food (we did the appetizers and dessert).

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of our wedding DIY! If you’d like to see more, be sure to click on the Pinterest link above for engagement photos, save the date, and some links to vendors and inspiration. Or if you have a question, just leave a comment! Thanks for looking!


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