Just Jules

Hi! My name is Juliet, but sometimes my parents call me Jules. My mom is letting me write her blog this week because she’s too busy playing with me to do her “very important work.” I am eight weeks old and mostly a beagle dog, but nobody knows who my dad was so they call me a “mix.” My mom and my brothers and sisters were all saved from a bad shelter in Hazard, Kentucky by the Animal Rescue Project of Kalamazoo, Michigan. My dad saw my picture online and fell in love with me, so he brought me home to surprise my mom! She was so happy to see me that she cried! They named me Juliet because the love me so much (and I have soft cheeks). There’s something called Shakespeare that this name is from, but my mom and dad really like a show called Psych, so they call me Jules because of Psych’s Juliet. (When Grandpa heard this he said he’ll call me Verene.) This is how I spend my days now that my parents brought me to their house to live with them! (I like our house, it looks really nice and kind of new.)

First I get up at seven and don’t go back to sleep, so mom snuggles on the couch with me until dad gets up for work.


Before my parents leave me alone, they take me outside! I love outside! Outside is the best!


Mom puts me in my crate before she leaves for the day, but dad comes home and feeds me lunch, and we go outside again! Outside is the best!


When mom gets home, we go outside AGAIN! And I play with leaves in the jungle grass.


Mom tries to get me to sleep on the couch again so she can work, but I mostly want to play.


Sometimes Grandpa comes over to do stuff in our walls and I watch to see what happens.


Then we go outside! These tall weeds are fun to chew on. You should try it.


Why does mom have this hard cold thing in her lap instead of me?


Guess I’ll watch a movie with dad instead!


Time for bed! I sleep a lot, but sometimes I wake up to make sure my parents are still there. They’re the best! (I’m house trained, but they don’t take any chances.)


I love my new home! You should come see me soon!



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