Procrastination Problems


College taught me, as it teaches every student, to be a skilled procrastinator. Test? Read over your notes and quizzes during the empty class period before. Project? Late night Wal-Mart run and acrylic paint brushes in the RA office during the preceding shift. Eight page paper? Start at 11 PM and write til dawn. Sleep for a few hours, roll up and head to class to turn it in.

As I began working on projects that I come up with and enforce myself for my master’s, I somehow tricked myself into thinking that those days were behind me. Frenzy? Overrated! Panic? Left behind! Everything looked up from the beginning, when I started my first packet before even getting home from residency and worked on my writing predictably enough throughout the weeks. I had both books read (required reading, but I picked them out!) and my packet finished nearly a week before my deadline. All that was left were a few short, critical essays. We call these SCEs in the Spalding world, and they are tiny foes, only 2-4 pages each, on the subject of your choosing, based out of the books that you chose to read.

Yet here I am, days later, and still no SCEs on my hard drive. Did I deceive myself by believing they would be easy? Do I really have to go back to the days yore and stay up writing them the day before I must put them in the mail to my mentor?

No. I will write them today!

But first I’ll procrastinate by writing this blog.

P.S. – Has anyone tried out Camp NaNoWriMo? You can set your own word count goal, and you can write whatever you want, including nonfiction. The next session starts July 1st… anyone want to share a cabin with me? There are 50% off coupons for Scrivener waiting on the other side!


3 thoughts on “Procrastination Problems

  1. I’ve never done Camp NaNoWriMo, but it sounds really cool. I use an app that was geared toward NaNoWriMo writers for wordcounts that is super helpful. I understand the procrastination… I’m doing the same thing with revision, and with the mentor letter (I have no clue what I think needs work in my pieces. I never do). And, well, with everything. 🙂

    1. Oh gosh, I am just awful. It’s like I can’t do certain things unless it is the very last minute! Have you ever used Scrivener? I had just heard a lot about it, but I used the trial version to write my longer essay for this packet and I loved it! It’s not that pricey, but my trial version will last until the end of July anyway, so I’m waiting for the discount to buy.

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