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Getting back into the swing of things after any kind of trip or absence is always hard. Getting back into the balancing act of life, while adding another brick – writing 35-50 pages every 3.5 weeks – is especially difficult. When the trip you’ve returned from was entirely focused on writing, inspiration, and empowerment, it is super depressing to realize that the farther you get into your five-hour drive home, the more things you wanted to bring back with you are left behind. And when you go at once into a gathering of people with nothing in common to where you just were… you get the picture. By the time Wednesday rolls around, empowerment has said goodbye, inspiration is riding into the sunset, and the writing muse has her arms crossed and a frown on her face, like, “Well? Weren’t you supposed to be progressing by leaps and bounds? Shouldn’t you have twenty good pages written by now instead of just the seven crappy ones you wrote before you even got home?”

Yes, Muse. You’re right. But are you surprised?

In the meantime, even just this little bit of writing about writing is enough to get some juices flowing. The bigger problem is that as soon as they begin to rush it’s time to put the pen/laptop/phone down and go to work. Luckily, I work in a library… so researching these 35-50 pages of nonfiction is pretty easy.

If you’re reading this and you’re a writer, what’s the easy part for you? What’s the hard part and how do you handle it?


3 thoughts on “Re-immersion

  1. Balance. Always, balance is the hardest thing for me. How do I know I am devoting enough time to my partner, my job, my other responsibilities, and my art? And when it comes to writing, how do I know if I am spending enough time planning for my writing group, trying to blog about writing, connecting with other writers… and when am i doing these things to avoid actually WRITING? I think for me the best way is to maintain a community of writers to keep me focused, who encourage me while still pushing me to do more, work harder, be better, and all those other things. (Also, thank you, because this sparked an idea for an upcoming blog entry!)

    1. That’s starting to be tough for me, too. Also thinking about how much I am balancing stresses me out more than if I just balanced it! Can’t wait to read your new post. 🙂

  2. Oh hun! So glad you had that time! The easy part for me is getting ideas. They grow out of each other like hydras – as soon as I focus on one, it grows new ones. So that is also the hardest part!!! It’s awful, because it pulls me from what I had actually started to be productive with and all of a sudden I am refocusing everything and starting over. Another hard part is related – I am very sensitive to things like electricity and modems, stuff like that, so make secluded little spaces to write in free of electrical things as much as possible, and have had to admit to myself that I HAVE to write by hand even though it may kill my shoulders. BUT WORTH IT!!!

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