Book Review: A Stillness of Chimes


Meg Moseley’s newest novel, A Stillness of Chimes, is a southern story in every sense – with all of the heartache and hidden secrets that implies. Rather than providing readers with a simple romance between a freckled, barefoot tomboy and a farm boy with a southern drawl, Moseley’s characters face real issues and emotional struggles that ring true with readers no matter where they are from.

Born and raised in north Georgia, Laura Gantt has run away from the conflict between her parents that possibly led to her father’s disappearance and from her childhood friend and high school sweetheart Sean Halloran by going off to college in Denver Colorado. Years later, Laura returns to her hometown in order to settle the affairs of her late mother, but she ends up finding more questions than answers, and Sean is there at every turn to keep her safe and help put the pieces of the puzzle together. A Stillness of Chimes deals with all kinds of problems that many readers today might face, including child abuse, alcoholism, adultery, and PTSD.

I thought Moseley’s writing flowed naturally and had an easy to read quality that made the story move quickly. The story itself was intriguing at the very least – the mysteries are introduced early on, but Moseley does a great job of leaving nuggets here and there to keep the reader turning pages to find out more. Character development, on the other hand, is not Moseley’s strongest point. Laura and Sean are constantly at odds with each other, but as their relationship progresses it seems to come out of no where and there is little evidence given to support Laura’s feelings or explain her behavior.

For a quick read, this book was entertaining and pleasant, with a satisfying ending. The setting seemed real, too, but maybe that’s just me wishing I could trade this never-ending Michigan winter for some pleasant flowers and a Georgia breeze!

To find out more about Meg Moseley and her books, visit her website.


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